2017 NFL Playoffs Drinking Game

2017 NFL Playoffs Drinking Game

With a full season of picks in the rear-view mirror and half of the exciting players in the league injured, it's finally time to determine who the best team in the NFL is. The stakes only get higher from here, and the line between failure and success narrower, so an adult beverage or two is even more imperative than usual. If you're like us and support teams seemingly incapable of making the playoffs, you can sit back and enjoy the chaos.

As always, enjoy responsibly and make sure you have a safe ride home. Let's go!

Questionably Qualified's NFL Playoffs Drinking Game

1 Drink Every Time:

  • A player is compared to another player not involved in the game
  • A minute of replay review passes
  • A field goal is made
  • A quarterback is sacked
  • The announcers reference "Wild Card", "Divisional", or "Conference Championship" weekend
  • Announcers discuss the upcoming games for the next round of the playoffs

2 Drinks Every Time:

  • A challenge is won
  • There is a turnover
  • A touchdown is scored
  • Announcers discuss the regular season records of the teams involved
  • The network displays a graphic of the postseason matchups
  • Players get called for a personal foul

3 Drinks Every Time:

  • A coach uses a timeout to "ice" the kicker
  • A field goal is missed
  • The broadcast flashes back to historical playoff games or matchups between the two teams
  • The game is delayed for an injured player
  • A challenge flag is thrown

5 Drinks Every Time:

  • An extra point is missed
  • A runner (non-quarterback) is tackled for a loss
  • The announcers mention the gambling line for the game
  • A coach's challenge is lost

NCAA College Football Championship Drinking Game - 2017

NCAA College Football Championship Drinking Game - 2017