The Tanius Campaign Journal  - Chapter 13: Renlia's Plight

The Tanius Campaign Journal - Chapter 13: Renlia's Plight

I had every intention of approaching them before their next adventure took place, however it seems that our heroes are able to create tales of heroism faster than I am able to write them. I spotted the party skipping town as I was putting together the finishing touches on the previous chapter, but this time their group was a bit larger than usual.

I noticed that Renlia was traveling with the party, but unlike the last time they worked together Josh of the city watch was nowhere in sight. Sensing that this was not my time to speak to the group, I decided instead to meet with the aforementioned guardsman and see if he could offer me some insight.

Josh was much more welcoming this time around. We exchanged some pleasantries and after a some small talk I explained the situation at hand. Renlia had approached Josh prior to meeting the party and informed him that she was finally able to procure a scroll of resurrection. However, before she could bring her husband back she needed to retrieve her husband's body from The Blackheart Family Crypts.

Since this halfling doesn't do particularly well around dead bodies, I asked Josh if it would be possible for him to introduce me to Renlia once she returned. Josh was a bit hesitant at first, but eventually he agreed to arrange a meeting. Satisfied that Josh would keep his word I bid him farewell, and returned to The Blackmule.

The following day around sunset the tavern doors opened and pair of familiar faces sat down with me at the table. Renlia had an odd look of both anxiety and relief on her face. It turned out that something had happened at Blackheart Manor that could potentially be incriminating.

With this in mind Josh introduced me as an intrepid writer with a knack for framing events in a positive light. I offered my assistance in telling her tale, but warned her that I would need to know every detail in order word it properly.

She accepted my offer.

Always There For A Friend

Campaign Log Day 6 - Part 1
19th day of Kythorn - Morning
Year of The Rebuked Storm - 1574 Dale Reckoning
Endgar Commercial District - Blackheart Agriculture Warehouse

A few days prior after the party had completed their exchange with The Flock, Renlia was able to sell off a number of her assets. As a result gathered up enough coin to purchase the scroll of resurrection she was able to locate earlier. With scroll in hand she wasted no time and went straight to Blackheart Manor with the hopes of acquiring the body of her late husband.

However, when she arrived at Blackheart manor she noticed that the sky started to go dark, even though she had arrived in the late afternoon. She knew that the Blackhearts tended to dabble in the darker end of the magical spectrum, but she felt this type of magic was beyond their abilities. Furthermore as she approached the manor, she noticed that the ground was becoming progressively more decrepid.

Sensing something had gone wrong she chose caution over urgency, and turned back towards Endgar. She immediately looked for the party but was unable to locate them, so instead she looked for assistance from Josh. Josh told her he would be unable to help, but offered to help her locate the party and send them to her once he found them. Eventually the message was relayed, and the day after the party cleared The Dig site they met at the Blackheart Agriculture warehouse.

DM Note: Transition from Session 7 to 8

Session 7 ended after the party finished clearing the dig site. Lilyth and Kiddo were not able to make session 8, so they had their characters participate in some between session activities in Endgar while the rest of the party moved forward.

Having grown somewhat affectionate towards Renlia, the party listened to her plight, and offered to help her retrieve her husband Sturgis’ body. After closing up a couple of loose ends in town, Renlia and the party met outside of the Endgar city gates and began their journey.

Ajenar’s Hut

Blackheart manor was located about a day’s trek to the West of Endgar. The route to the manor took them along the southern outskirts near the edge of (link to map)The Wyldwood(link to map). The first half of the trip was rather unremarkable. The party walked by some smaller homes and villages on the way, but it wasn’t until they arrived at the more remote areas near the forest before things started to get interesting.

The party heard a ruckus at the top of a nearby hill and decided to investigate. They quietly crested the top of the hill and noticed a group of ogres reaching into a hut. Confident that the ogres were up to no good, they decided to avoid asking questions, and unleashed a brutal salvo on the brutes.

Roll Initiative

Party: Bellamy(Sor-4), Kiddo(Ftr-1/Wlk-3), Kroul(Clr-4), Lilyth(Drd-4), Meesh(Rgr-3), Ungoldor(Rog-4), Renlia(Brd-4)

Enemies: 3x Ogre

Base Difficulty Rating: Hard

Modified Difficulty Rating: Easy - Party can ambush at range, ogres are melee only.

Expected Outcome: Minor HP Loss

Actual Outcome: Minor HP Loss

Loot: 8 PP, 13 GP, 26 SP

Tactical Considerations: The ogres seem to be completely unaware of the party’s location, giving them the opportunity to strike first. As long as the party doesn’t get too aggressive they should be able to bring a few ogres down before engaging in melee range.

How It Went Down: The party unleashed a very powerful ranged salvo on the first round. The whole party rolling with advantage combined with Ungoldor's automatic critical hit from his assassinate feature took an ogre down to single digit HP during the surprise round. The ogres immediately began dashing towards the party and were able to close most of the distance in the first round. During these salvos one of Bellamy’s firebolts ended up striking the hut, setting it ablaze. Meesh sent Joey over to intercept the ogres, which caused their attention to shift on him, resulting in the wolf being knocked out cold.

Behind The Screen: This was not intended to be a particularly difficult encounter. I actually generated this encounter on the fly to add some combat into what was a fairly role-play heavy session. If I could do it over I would have added a 4th ogre to the encounter. With the surprise round the party was able to burn through the ogres very quickly, resulting in a fairly low risk fight.

The ogres ended up being caught off guard. The dimwitted creatures were eventually able to locate their attackers, but before they reached the party they ended up taking another ranged salvo. It wasn’t long before the victory was secured, and if Joey had not rushed into the fight and gotten knocked out, it might have been won without injury. Once the dust had settled half of the party searched through the ogres belongings, while the rest of the party tried to contain a fire on the hut created by a stray firebolt from Bellamy.

At first it seemed like there was nothing but some loose coins, but after some thorough searching Ungoldor was able to located an amulet with magical properties.

Treasure Horde

Item: Burgler's Pendant

Item Type: Necklace

Item Origin: Home Brew

Description: Grants the wearer +1 to sleight of hand checks, and the ability to cast the mending cantrip once per day

Recipient: Ungoldor

Meanwhile the party realized that the fire was quickly growing out of hand, and opted to search for survivors inside of the hut instead of extinguishing the fire. Inside the hut was a belligerent man who after some coaxing was eventually convinced to leave his burning home. Once the man was outside it was abundantly clear that he was extremely intoxicated. The party tried to speak to the man, but before they could start a meaningful conversation he fell into an alcohol induced slumber.

Since Joey needed to be nursed back to health the party decided to take a short rest near the now smoldering ruins of the hut. They fished through the old man’s belongings and saw that he had a coin purse and a journal. Reading through the journal they eventually determined that the man’s name was Ajenar, and that he firmly believed Torin Highwind is a devil. Once Joey was back on his feet the party took Ajenar’s coin purse containing 30 silver as payment for rescuing him, and continued on their journey.

D&D 5e - Questionable Arcana - Mundane and Magical Makings: The Poisoner's Kit

D&D 5e - Questionable Arcana - Mundane and Magical Makings: The Poisoner's Kit

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