About Us

Questionably Qualified was started by childhood friends after one moved to Austin and the other (already living there) received an unexpected bounty of free time. We spend much of our time speculating wildly, prognosticating broadly, and obsessing over trivial details. We're going to share these conversations and disagreements with you here, in article and podcast form. Send any questions, comments, or feedback our way at questionablyqualified@gmail.com.


Truck - Founder, Content Cultivator and Editor, Betting Lines Enthusiast

A data analyst in Austin by day, the end of work hours reveals my willingness to discuss and debate myriad subjects with anyone willing to listen. Fortunately, my girlfriend tolerates this habit enough to support the Questionably Qualified project. I enjoy perfect manhattans, clean martinis, and long walks on the beach. But really, who doesn't?

Weems - Founder, Technological Torchbearer, Mad Data Scientist

A technical consultant who creates websites, databases, weaponized Excel macros, and everything in between. I adhere to the mantra "reality is stranger than fiction", and believe it more and more each day. I believe website growth metrics should be directly tied to whiskey consumption, and that internal troubleshooting should be aided by whiskey consumption.

Madds - Legal Counsel, Game of Thrones Nerd, Bankrupt Man's Economist

A DC antitrust lawyer with a troubling habit of arguing about pretty much anything. I think pragmatism is the number one thing missing from American politics, and I have never watched an episode of The Bachelor. I enjoy Michigan State wins and the celebratory whiskey that follows.

Even with our powers combined, we remain: Questionably Qualified.