The Bachelor Drinking Game

The Bachelor Drinking Game

1 Drink every time:

  • Anyone says, “The Right Reasons”
  • Chris Harrison makes an appearance
  • Anyone cries
  • Anyone uses a version of "falling" (in love with, for, down some stairs)
  • Someone is unnecessarily shirtless (you be the judge; think Alex in a room full of shirted guys)
  • Someone says "connection", "relationship", or "closer to"
  • People raise or clink their glasses for a toast

2 Drinks every time:

  • Someone reads poetry or plays the guitar
  • There's a private concert
  • A contestant says "I love you"

5 Drinks every time:

  • A contestant voluntary walks off the show
  • The Bachelor/Bachelorette says "I love you"

10 Drinks (highly unlikely) if:

  • A physical fight breaks out
  • Anyone confesses to fornication

Special Rules:

  • WaterFalling in Love: Each contestant after the first who the Bachelor/Bachelorette claims to be “falling in love” with is one additional drink (1, 2, 3, 4 [cap])
  • Sloppy Snogging Seconds: First snog of the episode is one drink; each additional snogging partner increases the drink count (1, 2, 3, 4 [cap])
  • Rose Roulette: Every player must select one contestant to go home at the beginning of each rose ceremony. If you are correct, you give out two drinks. If you are incorrect, you drink.

Drinking Game of Thrones

Drinking Game of Thrones