Drinking Game of Thrones

Drinking Game of Thrones

Reminder: it is important to play this game at your own pace. The total number of drinks will be the same, but if you have work in the morning, taking sips instead of gulps will help. If you're in college, on the other hand, drink up! With the heart-rending (figuratively and literally) deaths this show puts us through, a little liquid layer may dull the pain...or help the tears flow when another beloved character dies in horrific fashion.

1 Drink

  • Nudity
  • Anyone says "drink", "drank", "drunk", or another variant
  • Oaths, honor, loyalty, traitors
  • Horses
  • Birdwatching - any involvement of birds
  • Verbal "dragon"

2 Drinks

  • White Walkers
  • Creepy Littlefinger
  • Direwolf sighting
  • Giantsbane-Tarth
  • House Words or Slogan

3 Drinks

  • Dragon sighting (per dragon)
  • Tyrion appears in a scene but does not drink
  • Cersei appears in a scene but does not drink

5 Drinks

  • Kinslaying

Special Rules

  • Bastard Builder - number of drinks increases every time someone says "bastard"
  • Pick a House - Give out drinks for the number of your chosen house appearing together in a scene

Rule Modifications

Season 6 Analysis: Three Episodes In, Very Hungover

  • MODIFICATION - The original Brienne rule has been expanded to include anyone talking about oaths, honor, or traitors.
  • MODIFICATION - Birdwatching is being revised. Rather than adding a drink for every occurrence, it's a one-drink rule. This will reduce the overload we saw in Episode 3 (1+1+1+1+1+1+1 instead of 1+2+3+4+5+6+7).
  • REMOVAL - Removing the male- and female- evil-eyes rule. It's just too difficult to determine if every look or none of the looks should count.
  • ADDITION - One new rule: Eye Contact. One drink every time a character talks to another character who determinedly looks in a different direction. It's great for TV, but damn would I be irritated if I was the one talking.

Season 6 Analysis: Halfway There, Chugging Along

  • MODIFICATION - Bird-watching nerfed from a 1+1 builder, to simply a 1 drink rule.
  • REMOVAL - Removal of the "setback" rule.
  • ADDITION - Giantsbane-Tarth Rule: Anytime Tormund hits on Brienne take two drinks.

Season 6 Analysis - Full Season Review: The Mourning After

  • MODIFICATION - "Winter is Coming" rolled into House Words/Slogan rule; Kinslaying increased from 3 to 5 drinks; anyone says "Drink", "Drank", "Drunk", etc.
  • REMOVAL - Removal of the Eye Contact rule
  • ADDITION - Verbal "dragon"

Game of Thrones Drinking Game Season 6 Update: Three Episodes In, Very Hungover

Game of Thrones Drinking Game Season 6 Update: Three Episodes In, Very Hungover

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