NFL Sunday Night Football Drinking Game

NFL Sunday Night Football Drinking Game

You're probably aware of this by now, but I watch a lot of sports. I also enjoy alcoholic beverages from time to time, and when I'm settling in for a long stretch of stationary TV watching, I think it's fun to have some structure to the consumption. So really, this entry combining two of my favorite pastimes is a long time coming. 

Rather than attempt to construct a drinking game to span the entire day without jeopardizing your health or career, I'm going to focus on the NFL and NBC's overbranded attempt at prestige football, which they've humbly titled Football Night in America. Due to rigid scheduling procedures and the relative parity in the NFL, these games rarely live up to their billing. This leads to unfortunate situations like last Sunday night, when we were forced to listen to Cris Collinsworth drool over Brock Osweiler's minimal contribution to an utterly unimpressive comeback victory against the cellar-dwelling Colts as if he were Joe Montana leading "The Drive".

I understand the announcers have a job to do, and I know my strong distaste for Mr. Collinsworth is more a result of general announcer fatigue than his competence; he is, from what I can tell, the best and most insightful announcer in the NFL, not that the bar is set particularly high. Still, this drinking game gives me a chance to make fun of him for his tendencies I find most irksome, so I'm taking advantage of it. 

Without further ado, let's get to the rules!

Questionably Qualified's NFL Sunday Night Football Drinking Game

1 Drink Every Time:

  • A player is compared to another player not involved in the game

  • A minute of replay review passes

  • A field goal is made

  • A quarterback is sacked

  • Cris Collinsworth says "this guy" or "this is a guy"

2 Drinks Every Time:

  • A challenge flag is thrown

  • There is a turnover

  • A touchdown is scored

  • Collinsworth references his playing days or people he played against

3 Drinks Every Time:

  • A coach uses a timeout to "ice" the kicker

  • A field goal is missed

5 Drinks Every Time:

  • An extra point is missed

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