Super Bowl 53 Drinking Game - Los Angeles Rams vs. New England Patriots

Super Bowl 53 Drinking Game - Los Angeles Rams vs. New England Patriots

The population of the United States was 327.1 million as of 2016. The population of Massachusetts was 6.8 million. Factor in 6.1 million salty folks in Missouri and a S.W.A.G. 5% bandwagon rate, and only about 9% of the population will be cheering for the Patriots to win their sixth Super Bowl in 17 years. This means the other 91% of us will need an adult beverage or ten to make it through the New England victory I’m expecting or to celebrate the Rams upset I wish I believed in.

So whether you are a beleaguered fan of a now-fallen playoff contending team begrudgingly cheering for the underdog or welcoming the next notch in the belt of Belichick and Brady's evil empire, stack your plate, grab a big glass to avoid having to get up too many times, and get ready for Super Bowl 53.


Questionably Qualified's Super Bowl Drinking Game

The Pregame Rules

1 Drink Every Time:

  • Someone requests the Puppy Bowl

  • Someone asks where the bathroom is

  • Someone asks what teams are playing

Pregame Special:

  • National Anthem Over/Under: Gladys Knight's rendition is pegged at 1 minute 49 seconds; each guest picks over or under, and anyone who guesses wrong drinks!

During the Game

1 Drink Every Time:

  • A Budweiser or Bud Light commercial airs

  • A commercial featuring Peyton Manning airs

  • A field goal is made

  • An announcer says "Lombardi"

  • A quarterback is sacked

  • The announcers state say "Atlanta" or "Georgia"

  • A guest says "I don't care about football" or "I don't care who wins"

2 Drinks Every Time:

  • A play is reviewed

  • There is a turnover

  • A touchdown is scored

  • Someone mentions the gambling lines on air

  • Tony Romo predicts a play

  • The announcers reference the 2001 Superbowl between the Rams and Patroits

  • Someone uses the word "dynasty" or "legacy"

  • Sean McVay’s age is referenced

3 Drinks Every Time:

  • A field goal is missed

  • A challenge flag is thrown

  • A coach uses a timeout to "ice" the kicker

  • A team successfully converts on 4th down

  • An announcer mentions the missed pass interference call in the NFC Championship game

  • An overtly sexual commercial airs (think GoDaddy, Carl's Jr.)

  • A team goes three-and-out (punting without gaining any first downs)

5 Drinks Every Time:

  • An extra point is missed

  • Sean McVay settles for a field goal or punt on fourth-and-short

Finish your Drink If

  • A commercial makes someone in the room cry

  • The Rams are about to blow a 14+ point lead

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