The Oscars Drinking Game - 2018

The Oscars Drinking Game - 2018

We find ourselves once again in the doldrums of winters starved for television and movie content. "Fortunately" for us an intrepid reality TV star has risen to the highest seat of power in the United States, and has promised to fill that content void for the next 3+ years.

So here we are again. The Oscars are upon us and despite some of our best efforts Donald Trump is still president. While I am sure movies will be mentioned occasionally, I expect an extra sizable helping of content related to everybody's "favorite president"

So crack open a beer and watch as Hollywood actors use the vast economic and legal knowledge they acquired on set to advise world leaders 45 seconds at a time.

As always play responsibly and make sure you have a safe ride home.

The 2018 Academy Awards Drinking Game

1 Drink:

  • A winner says “I’m sure I’m forgetting…” in their acceptance speech

  • A presenter introduces the nominees for a category

  • A winner thanks god

  • A white person wins an award

2 Drinks:

  • A minority wins an award

  • Someone gets played off during their acceptance speech

  • Someone indirectly references the current administration

  • Any time the camera pans to Alec Baldwin

3 Drinks:

  • Someone cries

  • Someone references Trump by name

  • Someone calls for gun control

  • Someone calls for action against climate change

  • Someone starts shouting into the microphone

4 Drinks:

  • Drink when you see someone drink

5 Drinks:

  • Someone calls a person or a movie by the wrong name

  • A school shooting survivor is brought on stage

10 Drinks:

  • Wardrobe malfunction

  • F-bombs

  • Announcing the wrong winner

Pick the Winner: After the nominees are announced, pick who you think will win; if you’re right, give out a drink, if you’re wrong, take a drink!

Supposedly These People Have It All Figured Out

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